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Invitation for a 3-day-retreat: 11, 12, 13th of november 2011.


Total Health: Allow Wholeness Here and Now”
Unlock your Self Healing Capacity with the Sedona Method.
A 3-day intensive allowing you to create health from within.

In this course you will become a more effective architect of your own well-being.
Through releasing of mental, emotional and physical resistance, you will open to the wholeness that is already here and now.

The processes we use are all very easy to learn and fun to do. You will experience directly that letting go of physical symptoms like fatigue or pain, can be quick and easy.

During the course we will use a microscopic technique that will demonstrate the subtle physical changes at a cellular level, taking place in our body as a result of releasing.

The changes in our internal environment, for example the activation of our immune system, will be magnified about 50.000 times. On a big screen we can see the result of activating our own built in natural mechanisms of repair, regeneration and healing.

The combination of our own direct experience and this form of microscopic bio-feedback will help to dissolve the false and limiting belief systems, that tell us that we cannot improve
our health because it is genetically determined. It is liberating to discover that we do not have to be victims of our genetic blueprint.

You will see that you can increase the possibilities of altering gene expression by releasing. It is all about simple choices that you make every moment. What you think, feel, eat and how you move shapes your genetic expression on an ongoing basis.

You can choose to let go of tension, negative beliefs, stressful thoughts and upsetting emotions in the moment. And this will have a clear impact on your health and well being.
The bottom line is that you are your own genetic engineer.

We will also address our core limiting belief: The illusion of the separate self.
To look through this belief of separation we use an approach called “the 5th way”:
This allows you to bypass your mind and recognize your true nature OF WHOLENESS
AND ONENESS WITH ALL LIFE. This recognition will allow the “biology of freedom” to express itself in a natural way.

This course is given by: International Instructor, David Ellzey and Maarten Klatte, M.D.

David Ellzey:
David is a #1 Best Selling Author and has presented on stages as a motivational speaker, trainer, and entertainer, inspiring nearly a quarter of a million people worldwide.
He is an international lead trainer for the life-changing personal growth technique, The Sedona Method and is a guest faculty member at the renowned Omega Institute. He is a contributor with Deepak Chopra and Jack Canfield to the upcoming book, Stepping Stones to Success.
Recently, David has been requested to lead trainings for United Nations departments, Fortune 500 Companies, and smaller organizations.
His private coaching clients range from executives in leadership roles of global companies to parents and everyday people who are ready to master their own well-being and success.
David shared in receiving the prestigious Raoul Wallenburg Humanitarian Award as a member of the Big Apple Circus Clown Care Program for his contribution in the innovative field of humor and healing in hospitals nationwide.

Maarten Klatte, MD.
Maarten is a medical doctor in Nutritional Medicine and Nutritional Oncology.
The main focus in his medical work is “the role of awareness in healing”.

What we think, believe and feel, has a profound effect on our health, (on gene-expression). He applies this knowledge in his medical practice in The Hague.

Maarten has taught well over 7000 clients how to release mental, emotional and physical suffering. Since 2005 with the help of the Sedona Method.

Because of its simplicity and effortless practice the Sedona Method may well be one of the most effective methods on the planet to enhance our health and well being.

In order to attract the attention of the scientific and medical community he set up a foundation for “Integrative Awareness Medicine”. (I AM)
Maarten’s goal is to scientifically validate the most promising “epigenetic tools”. This will create a platform to shift the current focus in health care from fighting disease to uncovering health and wholeness.

Course Dates: 11, 12 and 13th of November 2011, from 9.30 to 18.00hr.
Course location: NH Hotel Atlantic, The Hague (Kijkduin)
Course fee: When you book before nov 1st: 350euro, After October 31st : 395euro.
Students (with a valid student ID) and children under 18yr.: 200euro.
Information: m.g.klatte@pvbg.nl , +31-(0) 70-3523800

Booking-details: Send an e-mail to m.g.klatte@pvbg.nl with the first and last name of the participant(s), your address and telephone number(s).
Send your payment to: Sedona Method Events, account number: 1489.59.679
IBAN: NL 85 RABO 0148 9596 79 ; BIC: RABONL2U.
Make sure you include the name(s) of the participant(s) on the bank-statement.

Cancellation policy: if you cancel before nov.1st you get a refund minus 30euro.
After oct. 31st your fee will not be refunded. Your ticket is transferable to others.


Warm regards,

Maarten & Maggy Klatte

Internationaal seminar met David Ellzey